Hypnosis for Health and Fitness

Eating and drinking are necessities of life, but they can also become a habit, an addiction, a social or family obligation, and a coping mechanism for emotional stress which can inadvertently lead to health issues or a lack of desire to exercise.

This becomes a lifestyle choice that encompasses healthy eating, exercise, managing relationships at work and home, and quality of life that includes pastimes and hobbies.

Hypnosis Treatment for Healthy Eating and Motivation to Exercise

Achieving health and fitness goals requires a tailored treatment plan that takes into account your unique situation and personal qualities. It requires identification and management of coping mechanisms, beliefs, excuses, judgments, habits, rituals, thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals and strategies for the future.

Here are a range of health, fitness and motivational issues we may deal with to put you back in control of your life and well being.

  • Identify personal issues such as anxiety, self esteem, work stress, grief, and relationship issues for which eating is a coping mechanism
  • Dismantle dysfunctional  beliefs and invalid personal judgments
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Get the confidence to be yourself and get out there without thinking that everyone is judging you
  • Knock out junk food addiction, that chocolate fetish, and comfort eating
  • Deal with the nightly wines, beers and mixers
  • Reorient towards healthy eating
  • Get your mojo back to embrace and enjoy exercise again
  • Set realistic goals and put effective strategies in place to achieve them
  • Look at your personal values and how they effect your behaviour
  • Look to the future and stop dwelling on the past
  • Ongoing coaching and support if required

Chocolate and Junk Food Addiction

You may otherwise eat healthy and keep your figure in shape, but then there is that chocolate addiction. The problem with chocolate is that it is 100% socially acceptable, and if you are otherwise healthy and in good shape then the only problem is a little guilt which you soon rationalise.

But there will be long term consequences to your health which can be difficult to envision. In fact a chocolate fetish often manifests itself with a glass or two of wine, harmless as well, unless that too becomes a little hard to forgo. If not wine, then maybe a sweet tooth is developing. Over time these things can compound and the effects can become more significant as your body ages.

It is far better to take control sooner rather than later.

Hypnosis Treatment for Chocolate and Junk Food Addiction

Hypnotherapy is an effective way of shifting your likes and dislikes. We can help you better understand your thoughts and feelings and not react emotionally or obsessively to something you like.We can also help you to feel comfortable with moderation and think clearly about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate and the future consequences of the choices you make.

Anxiety and Emotional Eating

Anxiety underlies many issues such as emotional eating so you may like to – Check out our Anxiety page for more information.