Hi Colin,

I’ve been hoping to run into you to say thank you in person, but written gratitude can double as a testimonial hey! 😉

In 7 years I have never seen my husband so trans formatively receptive to therapy for his anxiety/depression. In 3 sessions he has taken in copious amounts of super useful information and feels completely empowered to be in control of his life and emotions. I was SHOCKED in the best possible way after his 3rd session. You are a magician!

This isn’t a minor thing…it’s everything to us. I know it’s a paid job for you, but what you’ve done is change lives and we will never be able to thank you enough.

My husband is one of the best people I’ve ever met, but has suffered miserably and been quite miserable from his ghastly stress-induced condition. We feel like you’ve freed him to live his best life and experience so much joy by now having the ability to look forward and decipher what matters.

You’re a deadest legend and words will never be enough to acknowledge the profound positive effect you’ve had on my husband by opening his mind to get it working better for him.

Thanks a million,
One very happy wife

Social Anxiety

As promised, I am letting you know how I went with my social anxiety on my wedding day.

First of all I want to say a big, heartfelt thank you! Your wisdom and support was literally life changing for me.

You will be very pleased to know that I didn’t just get through the day, I breezed through with flying colours and actually enjoyed every minute of it including the reception and a large dinner party with family and friends two days before.

I was, without a doubt, the calmest bride in the history of weddings even when bad weather threatened to ruin our plans for an outdoor ceremony (it turned out to be perfect, sunny weather) and when the flowers I had ordered arrived half dead.

I reminded my inner toddler that ‘I had this’ in the more chaotic moments and took time out to visualise myself enjoying the perfect day which kept my thoughts in check.

My husband, is so thrilled with me. He said afterwards that he had been worried that the pressures of the day might be too much for me but I was more happy and relaxed than he could have imagined and was extremely proud of me.

So, consider me quite the success story. I still won’t be rushing out to go partying every weekend and a night in with a book and a cup of tea is my idea of an awesome S​​​​​​aturday evening. But I now know that I have to tools and the ability to mix things up and attend even big social events without the need to hide in the corner and escape at the first opportunity.

So, once again, thank you so much for your help.

Warm regards,

Weight Loss

I came to see you in May this year. Just a short note to let you know how I am going. I just have an occasional drink maybe once a fortnight, no junk food and I’ve lost 19kg since I’ve seen you. Thank you for your support.


Sea Sickness

I’ve been at sea for 63 days (but who’s counting) & I have not been seasick once. I have even been able to read whilst the boat is moving which was something I could never have done before. In fact I’ve finished 5 books, so the results are clear. Now I don’t even think about seasickness at all. I must thank you again Colin, our sessions were incredibly helpful to me.



Thank you to Colin for using your range of skills, techniques and wisdom to help shift some powerful old practices that were no longer helpful. My friends and colleagues have heard me speak of regaining my health and energy in recent weeks; I really think Cairns Clinical Hypnotherapy has helped this. Cool stuff.


Please note that for reasons of confidentiality I cannot display client names.