Confidence with the Opposite Sex

Some people have a natural gift for conversation and project a fun loving and vibrant image to those around them. In stark contrast, others lack self-confidence to the extent that they find it difficult to talk with the opposite sex. Standing back and not participating may well mean that they can not find the partner that they deserve. Continued rejection can create a downward spiral of reduced confidence and increased anxiety which can result in social isolation.

There are others that pull back consciously because of the emotional trauma of a breakup or the pain of a past relationship. Perhaps they were hurt long ago and the memories hang there as a reminder of what could have been, creating a fear that getting involved in another relationship could end with the same heartbreak.

Long Term Relationships

Navigating through the complexities of a relationship can be an onerous task. A person can be in a long term relationship and yet feel totally alone and isolated. So often in relationships people have the best intentions but talk to cross purposes due to a misunderstanding of communication styles and a lack of understanding of each other’s needs.

In other situations, obsession and jealousy may produce tension, with irrational fears of infidelity blossoming into something dark. Anger and conflict can result from unrealistic fantasies that have no basis in fact .

Or perhaps there is tension in the relationship because you are not performing adequately. Failure in the past can lead to performance anxiety with thoughts of failure causing stress that creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure before you even begin.

Hypnosis for Relationship Issues

Hypnosis can help you to look at the world from someone else’s perspective, to communicate more effectively with you partner, and to think logically and negotiate compromised solutions. It can also remove those emotional reactions that well up from nowhere and cloud your judgement or trigger inappropriate reactions. You can also learn to trust again, to understand what is real and when is not, and to refrain from filling in unknown spaces with fantasies of what could be and reacting emotionally to things that are not real. Problems of performance anxiety can be dealt with effectively through visualisation and relaxation techniques.

For those looking for a new relationship, hypnosis can  help to build confidence by giving you the skills to set appropriate goals and skills when approaching the opposite sex. You can learn to become more rational about how and where to look for a suitable partner, and think logically rather than emotionally about the traits to look for that will best suit you in a long term relationship. People repeatedly make the mistake of thinking that if someone makes them feel good and makes them laugh, then they are the one. Emotions may be useful indicators of who will be a fun companion for a night out, but they are not valid criteria for choosing a life partners. In situations where memories of things long past haunt you and stir up emotions from past relationships, hypnosis can be an effective way of separating the past and future and putting the past back into perspective to remove the road blocks that stop you from getting back out there or committing to a relationship.