Dr. Colin Lemmon PhD
Dr. Colin Lemmon PhDClinical Hypnotherapist
I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist with an Honours Degree in Psychology and a PhD from James Cook University. I am a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association and hypnotherapy trainer with the Institute of Applied Psychology.

My name is Colin Lemmon and I am a fully qualified and registered clinical hypnotherapist. I am also a lecturer at James Cook University and Central Queensland University in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. After my short lived retirement from full time lecturing, I established Cairns Clinical Hypnotherapy and I now share my time between my two passions of lecturing and hypnotherapy.

At Cairns Clinical Hypnotherapy we offer a contemporary approach to hypnotherapy that combines Strategic Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Ericksonian hypnosis. We employ an outcome based approach which considers that both the problem and the solution lie in the present and not the past. We believe that your memories are a distorted echo of things long gone that get further distorted every time you revisit them. We don’t see people as broken; rather we consider that they are simply doing the right thing at the wrong time.

How Hypnotherapy Helped Me

As a child, I suffered debilitating chronic pain that impacted my learning, memory, concentration, sleep, and crippled my ability to participate in sports. Through school I had learning difficulties which resulted in chronic anxiety and low self-esteem.

In the mid 80’s a chance encounter with a leading hypnotherapist turned my life around, teaching me how to manage the pain and deal with the anxiety. This set me on a journey to master hypnotherapy and help others.

Now in my mid 60’s, I am completely pain free and healthier than ever; doing cross-fit  and living life to the full. Now I hope that through my experiences I can help others get back in control of their lives.

If you are seeking an alternate therapy to turn your life around, Cairns Clinical Hypnotherapy offers modern cognitive and solution oriented hypnosis, incorporating strategic psychotherapy, to deal with the road blocks that stop you taking control of your life.